Commuter dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Passengers Team Up To Find The Family Of Dog That Boarded Train Alone

15:00 17.06.23
Alex Johns. Source: Facebook screenshot

Man Celebrates His 50th Birthday By Walking 50 Dogs And Raising Thousands For A Shelter

10:00 17.06.23
Doggie. Source: YouTube screenshot

It Seemed Impossible To Find A Family For This Dog Who Couldn't Hear Until His Foster Mom Taught Him Sign Language

03:00 17.06.23
Kitten. Source: YouTube screenshot

Kitten Found Alone In The Rain Finds The Help He Was Hoping For And Sets Out To Help Other Felines

01:00 17.06.23
Boy and puppy. Source: YouTube screenshot

Boy Visits A Farmer And Asks To Adopt A Special Puppy For A Good Reason

18:00 16.06.23
Lola the Lab and Ronnie the lamb. Source: Metro screenshot

Dog Adopts A Weak Lamb Rejected By Its Mom To Help The Baby Make It

10:00 16.06.23
Nikki Vasconez with her furry client. Source: Metro screenshot

This Woman Quits Her Prestigious Job As A Lawyer To Become A Psychic For Cats And Dogs

05:00 16.06.23
Lab and baby boar. Source: Metro screenshot

Couple Rescues A Wild Baby Boar And Their Dog Takes The Little One Under Her Wing

03:00 16.06.23
Osvaldo Coelho. Source: Instagram screenshot

Out Of Love For Felines This Man Takes Care Of 180 Rescue Cats Living Near His Store

23:00 15.06.23
Source: video screenshot

"Pure Magic": Man Puzzles A Whole Pack Of Dogs

14:00 15.06.23
Belle the dog and Bears the cat. Source: Instagram screenshot

Dog Accompanies Her Feline Brother To The Vet To Soothe Him During Procedures

10:00 15.06.23
Tiny kitten. Source: YouTube screenshot

Cat Gives A Warm Welcome To A Newborn Kitten Rejected By Its Mom

05:00 15.06.23
Golden Retrievers. Source: social media screenshot

Dog Receives A Gift From Her "Boyfriend" Every Time She Passes His House

03:00 15.06.23
Freckles the cat with her babies. Source: YouTube screenshot

This Rescue Cat Shows Every Day How Happy She Is To Have Found Home For Herself And Her Kittens

03:00 14.06.23
Sweet family. Source: YouTube screenshot

Driven By Her Maternal Instinct This Cat Adopted Two Abandoned Kittens In Addition To Her Litter Of Five Babies

21:00 13.06.23
Fig the cat with a puppy. Source: TikTok screenshot

Cat Comforts An Exhausted Golden Retriever Mom And Her Puppy

19:00 13.06.23
Evan Bisnauth reading to a dog. Source: Daily Paws screenshot

This 11-Year-Old Volunteer Strives To Make Shelter Dogs Happy And Help Them Find Forever Home

10:00 13.06.23
Hillary Swank helps to find a missing dog. Source: Times Union screenshot

Celebrity Finds This Woman's 15-Year-Old Dog On The Movie Set After It Went Missing

03:00 13.06.23
Cute dog. Source: video screenshot

Dog Falls Asleep In A Suitcase So His Owner Won't Forget To Take Him On Vacation

16:00 12.06.23
Murphy the cat with his owner. Source: Daily Mail screenshot

As Tall As A 7-Year-Old Child: On Seeing This 24.3lbs Cat People Think He Is A Wild Animal

14:00 12.06.23