Dora Wei and Nuwan Hemachandraand live in Kandy in central Sri Lanka. Passionate animal lovers, they have four dogs: two Basset Hounds named Benjamin and Ginger, an English Cocker Spaniel named Coco and a female Labrador Retriever named Biu Biu. The last one to join their family was the boar, whom they have named Yezhu.

Yezhu was several hours old when someone dropped her in a box in front of their property, just as the couple returned from a camping trip. They had no idea what to do. They called zoos and animal facilities in the area, but none could take the newborn boar in.

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"We didn't know whether to keep her or not, but she was vulnerable and crying," Dora Wei recalls. For her and her partner, leaving the baby boar in danger was out of the question. "Every animal that comes into our home is welcome," she says.

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The little one's mother was nowhere to be found, so something had to be done to rescue the boar. The first thing Dora and Nuwan did was google "how to raise a wild boar." Yezhu had to be bottle-fed every 2 hours and kept warm.

"Yezhu believes Biu Biu is her mom"

However, they weren't the only ones to take care of her; their dog Biu Biu instinctively took the baby under her wing. Very quickly, the two pets became attached to each other. Yezhu started following the Labrador around and imitating her.

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"Although her weight has now doubled, she still believes Biu Biu is her mom," Dora says. Yezhu and Biu Biu have become "completely inseparable. They do everything together," she continues.

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The couple have allocated a whole area for the boar, with a pool for her to splash in. Yezhu has become a full-fledged member of this beautiful happy family.

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We wish this beautiful family the best of luck! Have you ever helped an animal in trouble?

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