Not long ago Jo Cope, 35, England-based photographer and mom of three, was enjoying a pleasant vacation in Crete, Greece, with her kids Kade, Dakota, and Acacia. One day they visited a local shelter where her daughter had fallen in love with Louis, a former hunting dog. This senior pooch had arrived there 4 years earlier after being found abandoned in the middle of the woods chained to a tree.

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Shortly afterwards, Cope came across another dog who had been through a lot. Jack ended up disabled after his spine had been broken in a road accident. As a result, he could no longer walk.

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Thinking thoroughly, Cope decided to adopt both of them, although she knew that transporting them to the UK would not be an easy task. After considering all the options, Cope concluded that the cheapest solution was to return to England with her family, then return to the Greek island and repatriate two dogs.

So she returned to Crete with Dakota and paid about $500 to take Jack and Louis to the UK.

In the meantime, she had paid Jack's vet bills, who was transferred to Athens for surgery and various therapies to relieve his arthritic front legs: laser, hydrotherapy... The dog was also provided with a wheelchair, but the device caused him more discomfort and pain than it enabled him to move around.

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The two pooches were finally able to discover their new home in England, alongside Cope, her kids, and Waffle, their Goldendoodle.

The generosity of donors exceeded expectations

The mom-of-three was recommended a wheelchair that was more suitable for Jack. However, it cost $900 and the woman couldn't afford it. So Cope launched a fund-raising campaign on an online platform, and within two hours the target amount had been raised.

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The extra funds enabled Cope to finance all the treatments Jack needed, not just his new wheelchair.

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Now the doggie lives life to the fullest and can finally move around freely and play to his heart's content with Louis and Waffle.

We wish this beautiful family many happy years together!

Source: Metro

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