Cindy Congdon, a volunteer foster mother from Idaho, is a privileged witness to the beautiful story of Annie, a cat who ended up at her home at the age of 3 weeks.

The only survivor of her litter, this kitten was in very poor health. She was admitted to the veterinary clinic where Congdon's daughter works as a vet tech. That day Congdon's daughter took the kitten home to feed and care for her at night.

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Cindy helped her daughter with this task, and saw for herself just how strong the little girl's will to live was. Annie soon became very affectionate to her foster moms and was always following them everywhere.

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The family's dogs, a Golden Retriever named Jax and a Pyrenean Mountain Dog named Marie, were also extremely kind and patient towards Annie.

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Several days later Cindy took in a mama cat and her 5 kittens, a week younger than Annie. The latter was delighted to meet her little companions. Stormy, the mother cat, seemed to approve of Annie's resence beside her offspring.

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A close-knit family

Over time, Annie and her siblings have become inseparable. "They chase each other, explore together, groom each other, and curl up together to sleep," Cindy says.

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Annie truly acts like a big sister to them, grooming and comforting them when needed.

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Cindy hopes that when the time comes for the 6 kittens to join their new families, Annie will be adopted with one of her younger siblings, as they now share a very strong bond.

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