A dog has been reunited with his family after getting lost and traveling alone on a train.

The incident took place in Belgium, on the railroad line between Couvin and Charleroi. While the train stopped at Mariembourg station, a dog snuck into one of the carriages.

Its presence did not go unnoticed; passengers informed the ticket inspector, who asked all the passengers if any of them owned the pooch. But no one did. Passengers then took photos of the dog and posted them on social media in the hope that his family would recognize him.

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Anne-Pascale from Couvin decided to take the dog in. She first took him to the Couvivet veterinary clinic, where the scan for the microchip came back positive. However, the pooch was registered not in Belgium but in France.

His name, age, and date of birth were among the few pieces of information the vet and Anne-Pascale got.

For Anne-Pascale, leaving the pooch at the shelter was out of the question. She took in the furry friend until his owners could be found. The pooch was given a bath that day.

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"Obviously, he has a family because he's well behaved," Anne-Pascale thought.

The dog reunited with his family

In the end, due to the post on Facebook, the dog's family was found and the pooch was reunited with them. Such a happy ending for this train passenger...

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