Although a trip to the vet is obligatory, it often can be stressful for pets. Having emotional support during the appointment can make it a much more pleasant experience. This is the case for the anxious cat Bears, who always goes to the vet accompanied by his canine sister Belle.

Belle and Bears have been getting along wonderfully since the very beginning of their relationship.

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When Newfoundland Belle joined her family, she was just 8 weeks old. Surprisingly, she was immediately accepted by the house cat, Bears. "Luckily, he's an outdoor cat, so most of their first interactions took place in our yard, which gave Bears an escape plan if Belle got too rough," recounted their mom Emily.

"Bears hasn't always been good with dogs so we were nervous at first but they immediately loved each other - it's like they understood they were siblings immediately," she added.

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A brave cat but not in all circumstances

By nature, Belle is very "sweet" and Bears "courageous and curious," as their mom describes them. But there's one thing that makes the cat completely lose his nerve: he's afraid of going to the vet. Even more so if he has to have shots. He's then very agitated, and the vet has trouble working properly.

Source: Instagram

Belle's gentle nature makes her a very good emotional support animal for the cat. So Emily started taking the dog with her when she took Bears to the vet. And the effect was immediate. The cat was much calmer. So much so, in fact, that the vets now request the dog's presence at every appointment.

Emily shared a video on social media showing Bears on the vet's table, ready to receive his injections. No one needs to hold him, he's calm sniffing his sister's nose. Very touching pics of a beautiful friendship!

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