As a newborn, a lamb named Ronnie was extremely weak. So weak, in fact, that his owners thought he wouldn't make it. To make matters worse, his mom rejected him.

"The ewe that was pregnant was having twins. The first one was fine, but Ronnie was born flaccid, he was very limp and floppy," recalls their owner Ellen McCrone, 21.

Ellen McCrone. Source: Metro

Ronnie was born on a small family farm in Carlisle in the north of England. Ellen expected the worst when she saw him in this state, but her dad Richard was determined to help him get through.

He brought the baby lamb home to keep him warm. Richard, his daughter, and other family members took turns bottle-feeding and monitoring the baby. Their 2-year-old Labrador Lola also wanted to help.

Source: Metro

She was very protective of the baby and did her best to comfort the lamb. An hour later, the tiny lamb was already on his feet.

The two animals quickly bonded. They became very close, and Lola got into the habit of helping Ellen when she fed him.

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Ronnie was reunited with fellow lambs, but Lola didn't forget him

When Ronnie was strong enough, he was reunited with 45 other lambs, living on the farm.

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Since then, the dog has visited him regularly, just as she does with the other sheep. She's always there to lend a helping paw to her owner. Ellen explains that Lola "holds the bottles in her mouth to bring them home, where they are then washed".

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According to the young woman, Lola seems to be proud to have contributed to helping Ronnie get back on his feet, when his chances of survival were slim.

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