Many people consider professional retraining for a variety of reasons. Some find the courage to take the plunge, as Nikki Vasconez did. Moreover, her career change has been amazing indeed.

Vasconez, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, used to be a real estate lawyer. She earned a salary of $70,000 a year but wasn't happy. The long, tiring working days and the 90 minutes lost every day commuting were wearing her down.

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In recent years, she has become interested in pet psychology. She studied it more and more thoroughly by doing her research and reading books on the subject. In September 2020 she started "communicating" with the pets of relatives and friends. Then Vasconez moved on to the pets of strangers.

A full appointment book

By creating accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, her audience had grown considerably. A year later, her business was up and running, and she had put an end to her career in courts to devote herself entirely to her passion.

By January 2022, she had been unable to book any more appointments due to the overwhelming demand.

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Today, Vasconez makes far more than she did as a lawyer. She charges $330 per session and only makes 2 per day, so as not to impair the "quality of her communications" with animals.

What happens at a session with this pet psychic? Vasconez settles down in a quiet room, concentrates on the animal's photo, and then begins to communicate with it "telepathically." For the communication to work, she needs a photo with the animal's eyes clearly visible, and to know its gender, name and those of its family members. She records her questions and the pet's "answers," then transmits the exchange to the owner.

"I can feel their personality"

She says that when she communicates with pets, she sees flashes or hears particular expressions. "I can't hear their accent or tone, but I can feel their personality," she says.

In addition to dogs and cats, Nikki Vasconez also works with horses, donkeys, pigs, geckos, cows, and birds. She also offers communication sessions with deceased pets.

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"The animals I've spoken to who have passed away are never upset, angry or resentful," says the former lawyer. She recounts how she came into contact with a deceased cat who confided in her that he had regained his sight after having been blind during his lifetime.

Another dog (alive and well) told her about a kitchen door that was always blocked and irritated its owner. On hearing the recording, the owner was shocked to discover that what the dog was saying was true.

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Source: Metro

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