Walks are essential for all dogs, including those living in shelters. By spending time outdoors shelter dogs get the chance to socialize and keep fit. Alex Johns, a volunteer at a dog shelter, is well aware of this.

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Every week, he goes to Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society to walk the dogs who live there. It's an activity that's important to him and makes him happy, which is why he decided to take 50 of the shelter canines for a walk on the occasion of his 50th birthday. "I have found great joy out of this work and want to give back to an organization that has given so much," he explained.

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This initiative was accompanied by a fundraising campaign for the shelter, with the aim of raising $5,000. Before his birthday, he made a post on Facebook, inviting friends and family to donate.

"You probably know that I love dogs more than people," he wrote in the post. That's why I volunteer every week to walk [the dogs] at Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society with two of my three sisters. Not only do I get to hang out with dogs, but I can be a voice for those that cannot speak and help these animals on their adoption journey."

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Best birthday present

The campaign was a huge success. Donations far exceeded expectations, with a total of $12,000 raised. This sum greatly helped the shelter and its animals.

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"Nothing would make me happier than knowing my friends and family made a difference in these animals' lives," said Alex, adding that he had a lot of fun taking the 50 dogs for a walk. He describes this experience as "rewarding" one.

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