Helen the Bison and Oliver the Calf. Source: Instagram screenshot

This Mistrustful Bison Wouldn't Let Anyone Near Her Until A Calf Melted Her Heart

20:00 17.06.23
Flat-coated retriever. Source: YouTube screenshot

Vacationing Mom Meets A Special Needs Dog And Sets Out To Give Him A Chance At The Life He Deserves

12:00 17.06.23
Friends for life. Source: Instagram screenshot

This Rescue Dog Felt Unwell Every Time She Was Left Alone Until Her Owner Got Her A Kitten

15:00 16.06.23
Little girl and a pup. Source: YouTube screenshot

Large Golden Retriever Afraid Of Thunder Is Being Comforted By A Little Girl

12:00 16.06.23
The kitty. Source: video screenshot

This 19-Year-Old Cat Has Become The Star Of An Ohio Nursing Home Bringing Much Happiness To Its Residents

01:00 16.06.23
Happy family. Source: Instagram screenshot

The Only Survivor Of Her Litter This Kitty Becomes Part Of A New Family By Taking A Bunch Of Kittens Under Her Wing

21:00 15.06.23
Kitties. Source: YouTube screenshot

After Losing Their Moms These Two Kittens Become Each Other's Whole World

01:00 15.06.23
Bella the dog. Source: Facebook screenshot

Dog Tied Up In A Backyard Chews Off One Of Her Legs In An Attempt To Escape

12:00 14.06.23
Doggie. Source: YouTube screenshot

Unable To Find Shelter For Her Father's Dog, Woman Founded Her Own Dog Rescue And Now Takes Care Of More Than 80 Pets

10:00 14.06.23
Charlotte Beard (left); her son and therapy dog (right). Source: Daily Mail screenshot

Best Support: For The First Time Woman Is Allowed To Give Birth In The Presence Of A Therapy Dog

01:00 14.06.23
Lily and her best friend. Source: Metro screenshot

Little Girl Learns To Walk With The Help Of Her Canine Best Friend

23:00 13.06.23
Kitten. Source: YouTube screenshot

Stray Kitten Befriends A House Cat And Leaves The Streets For Good

15:00 13.06.23
Tiny kitten and her best friend. Source: YouTube screenshot

The Only Survivor Of Her Litter This Kitten Finds Comfort In A Loving Dog, Video

05:00 13.06.23
Source: RMO Today

Thanks To His Past As A Stray This Rescue Cat Managed To Survive In Extreme Conditions For 54 Days

01:00 13.06.23
Stray dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Mama Dog And Her Puppy Were Sitting By The Roadway Watching Cars Pass By

18:00 12.06.23
Best friends. Source: YouTube screenshot

Orphaned Tortoise Has Grown Up With Dogs: Now They Are Close Friends

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The doggie. Source: YouTube screenshot

Dog Spends 200 Days In A Shelter Working On His Behavior After His Adoption Failed

12:00 12.06.23
Belarus the cat. Source: Instagram screenshot

Cat Follows His Owner To The Bathroom Grateful For Being Rescued From The Shelter

03:00 12.06.23
Matthew B. with his pet cat Ashes. Source: lovemeow screenshot

Man Bursts Into Tears When Reunited With His Missing Pet Cat

04:00 10.06.23
Happy family. Source: People

Years After Adopting Dog Woman Takes In Two More Pooches And Finds Out They Are All Siblings

02:00 10.06.23