Matthew B., a truck driver, never goes on any trip without his pet cat Ashes. The cat always stays by his owner's side as a faithful partner and has traveled half the country with him.

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Not long ago, while Matthew was parked at a truck stop in Springfield, the kitty jumped out of the window. Being spooked by something, the kitty ran to the bushes and hid there.

The anxious owner searched every corner for his best friend, but to no avail. Matthew was heartbroken for he had to get back to work as soon as possible.

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Matthew returned to the place several times, but his pet was still missing. Several months later, local resident Kimberly was on her way to New York with a friend. They stopped outside Springfield, and on their way back to the car, they suddenly spotted a cat in the bushes.

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A shabby and frightened gray cat was peeking out of the bushes. The weather was cold, and the cat was begging for help. Kimberly took it into the car to warm it up, and then drove the cat to the vet. The kitty had no health issues, and his scan for a microchip came back positive.

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The cat turned out to be Ashes! The staff called the number listed in the database, and the next second Matthew answered on the other end of the line. He couldn't believe that his pet was safe and sound, so he left for New York at the first opportunity.

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Ashes immediately recognized his owner; the kitty came up to Matthew and rubbed his face. The man broke into tears when he took his pet in his arms. Not long ago he thought he'd never see him again.

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A happy Matthew thanked the woman for rescuing his pet, and he and Ashes went home together. Miracles do happen, you just have to believe in them!

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Source: lovemeow

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