Service dogs play a vital role. They help people with various conditions to perform everyday tasks, sense epileptic or non-epileptic seizures before they occur, soothe the anxieties of people with autistic disorders, and so on. Charlotte Beard was the first woman in the UK to give birth in the presence of her dog.

Charlotte's dog senses her seizures and calms her down

Charlotte Beard, 24, suffers from non-epileptic seizures. They resemble epileptic seizures but are not caused by electrical abnormalities in the brain. For Charlotte, these fainting episodes are caused by anxiety and her post-traumatic stress disorder.

But since getting her service dog Flump, a Maltese, two years ago, the young woman has been doing much better. Flump anticipates her seizures, enabling her to get to safety when she's about to faint. What's more, Flump's presence calms Charlotte down and alleviates the stress that causes her seizures.

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After 3 miscarriages, Charlotte was allowed to have Flump by her side during the labor

Charlotte had already suffered 3 miscarriages before delivering her baby. For the doctors, Flump could be a very important medical assistant during his owner's delivery. Therefore his presence was authorized.

The labor lasted 50 hours, during which the dog remained by his owner's side. He was taken out and fed by daddy, but was keen not to leave Charlotte for too long. "Flump is like my partner or an extension of myself. The idea of doing such an important moment in my life, when I'm so vulnerable, without Flump by my side just didn't feel right," Charlotte confided.

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Thanks to Flump's support, Charlotte's delivery went as smoothly as possible, without her anxieties causing any problems. As for the little Alfie she gave birth to, he is already adored by Flump, who will take just as much care of him as he does of his mom.

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