Samantha Kreisler is the proud owner of Lady, a shelter dog she fell head over heels in love with. When the young woman was a student, every time she left for university, Lady felt unwell. The pooch suffered from extreme separation anxiety, until she met a kitten...

At first, Samantha would take her dog to class with her

When Samantha met Lady at the shelter, they "had an immediate connection," as Samantha says. "She was so sad and quiet in her cage all alone. The second we took her out for her 'test walk,' she started wagging and kissing and jumping."

Source: The Dodo

Once the dog was adopted, Samantha discovered that the pooch suffered from severe separation anxiety. "I saw from an early age that she had anxiety whenever I left her alone," she said. "She would literally get physically sick whenever I left her."

To turn things around, the Miami student asked her lecturers for a special favor. She asked them if she could bring her shy dog to class with her. Fortunately, they agreed, and Lady's situation improved for a while.

Source: The Dodo

Later, Samantha's new lecturers were not so supportive

When Samantha entered her Master's program, she wasn't so lucky. Her new lecturers refused to let the dog in. Fortunately, the young woman quickly found a solution. She had noticed that her dog often played with her neighbors' cat. That's how she came up with the idea of adopting a kitten from the same shelter where Lady had come from.

Dog and kitten have become inseparable

At the shelter, Samantha fell in love all with a kitten who seemed lonely and unhappy. It was a female, whom she named Kitty. Samantha's choice proved to be a wise one, as the dog and kitten quickly became inseparable. They would play and eat together, cuddle a lot and even groom each other.

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Beyond this exceptional relationship, Kitty's arrival cured Lady's separation anxiety. According to Samantha, the dog is never sick again! And from now on, she'll always be in the company of her feline sister and best friend.

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Source: The Dodo

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