Evan Bisnauth is an 11-year-old volunteer full of ideas and determination to make a difference in the lives of shelter dogs. He spends all his free time giving reading sessions to his canine friends and posting videos on social media to help them get adopted.

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Evan first learned to read with the help of his pet dog

When Evan was little, he practiced reading aloud to his dog. A few years later, his mom rescued an abandoned dog and dropped him off at a New York shelter. While there, she learned about a program that allowed children to read books to shelter animals.

The benefits were manifold: on the one hand, to help the children progress in reading aloud and boost their confidence, and on the other, to give the animals companionship and a chance to socialize with kids.

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Evan immediately agreed to join the program. He particularly enjoyed reading a book entitled Belly Rubbins for Bubbins, which told the story of a shelter dog.

"Sometimes [they'll] fall asleep on their back with legs in the air. That's when I know they're really happy and relaxed," the boy confided.

Evan wanted to help dogs during the lockdown

Unfortunately, during the pandemic Evan was unable to pursue the reading assignments he enjoyed so much. He wanted to help animals from a distance. And what is the best way to do this in order to put them up for adoption?

Source: Instagram

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Evan created original content to raise awareness of shelter dogs on social media. For example, he made video clips in which he interviewed a dog that was up for adoption and described its personality and needs.

After the pandemic, Evan has resumed his reading sessions. He is also continuing to invest his time in helping shelter dogs. This dedication has earned him 2021 ASPCA's Child of the Year Award.

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