Earlier this year, Nashville Cat Rescue saved an expectant mama cat from rural Tennessee. Once the kitty welcomed her kittens, one more kitten rejected by its mom joined the feline family.

Becca and Nathan are volunteer foster parents for kittens in need, working at Nashville Cat Rescue in Tennessee. When the organization contacted them about a pregnant cat who needed a quiet home to welcome her unborn kittens, they didn't hesitate to go and get her.

Called Fern, the cat was clearly delighted to finally find a comfortable and safe home. Two weeks after her arrival, she gave birth to three adorable kittens.

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Ten days later, the couple were contacted again. This time, they had to rescue a newborn kitten in great danger. This tiny female had been born two hours earlier and her mother had rejected her. A nursing mom had to be found as quickly as possible.

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"Hoping that Fern's motherly instincts might extend beyond her own babies, we cautiously placed the tiny newborn with the rest of her litter," Becca and Nathan recall.

Fern looked at and sniffed the newborn. Moments later, she was grooming the kitten and letting the little one suckle. Named Peep, the kitten was able to make herself at home among her elders.

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"Such a loving and devoted mom"

The mama cat was raising the kitten as her own baby. Peep was gaining weight and growing every day. The four of them explored the surroundings and played more and more, the youngest keeping pace with them like a champion.

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"Peep adores her big brothers and grew up quickly trying to keep up with them. She soon opened her eyes, learned to walk, started eating solid food and learned to wrestle and run," her foster parents say.

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As for Fern, she was finally able to get some rest as the kittens became more independent. She can be proud of what she has achieved. "She has been such a loving and devoted mom and saved Peep's life by taking her in at just a few hours old," the couple conclude.

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Source: Love Meow

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