Freckles was found pregnant on the streets of Virginia. After being brought to Animal Welfare League in Arlington, she was placed with a foster family so that she could give birth peacefully. From the very first moments in her new home, Freckles has been very affectionate and showed just how happy she was to be there.

Before giving birth, Freckles was looking for love and care

When Freckles moved into her new home, the 2-year-old cat was ecstatic. She was keen to get human attention and demanded lots of cuddles. She would purr constantly lying curled up on her mom Asa's lap. She enjoyed being safe and loved.

When the time was due, the kitty settled into her cozy bed to give birth to her babies. The cat seemed reassured by the presence of her foster mom, who watched over her throughout the night. "It was a long night for the new mama, we were up until about 3AM. Everyone is healthy and happy which is all that matters," Asa recalls.

Taking care of her 6 kittens, Freckles still wanted to be loved

Freckles was exemplary in her maternal role. For the first few days, she was all about her kittens, feeding and cleaning them constantly. Asa brought her food directly to her bed, as she never left it.

After a few days, the mother finally took some time for herself. She came to Asa to be cuddled. "I thought maybe she was like this because she was pregnant, but her behavior hasn't changed at all since she had babies," Asa said.

When the litter is old enough, the whole family, including the mom, will be put up for adoption. We hope Freckles will never have to live on the streets again, and she'll be able be cuddled by her beloved humans for the rest of her life!

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