Lady is a pretty female Golden Retriever living in California.

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She's a real social media star with 1.4 million subscribers on TikTok, 276 thousand on Instagram and 27 thousand on her Youtube channel. Her owner regularly posts Lady's photos and videos wearing colorful, trendy bandanas, much to the delight of Internet users.

Last July, Lady was even invited to the premiere of the movie Samurai Academy, alongside other canines. A real star!

But among all her posts, one video has particularly touched Internet users.

It features Lady walking by the fence of a house. The doggie, whose looks are always perfect, appears in a variety of harnesses and leashes.

Behind the bars, another Golden Retriever named Barney arrives with a tennis ball to throw at his girlfriend. The video is a compilation of different walks, during which the dogs play this little game. Barney, a real Romeo, keeps giving Lady his ball.


Their little friendship🥺🎾 #dogfriends #dogsoftiktokviral #sweetneighbor

♬ Everyday - Buddy Holly

This story has been romanticized by many Internet users. Some have imagined a true love story between the two dogs, worthy of a real Disney movie. Others laugh at the fact that Barney's owner must be constantly buying new balls.

A meeting between the Golden Retrievers?

On Lady's TikTok account, many users were waiting for the two dogs to officially meet in person. Lady's owner wrote that a meeting was scheduled for the following Sunday. The Golden Retrievers would finally be able to play together.

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And the famous day came. For the occasion, Lady had specially dressed to match her balls!


Reply to @tioshima We bought them new balls 🎾🎾 #dogfriends #dogsoftiktokviral #sweetneighbor

♬ original sound - Ladyandtheblues

Reunited at last, the two dogs spent the day running and playing in Barney's garden.

And for those who were still wondering, Lady's owner hashtagged the post #dogfriends. So the Golden friends won't be playing in the next Lady and the Tramp, the two dogs in love. But their friendship is no less adorable!


Can you🥺 #goldenretriever #fyp #foryourpage #squishyface #cutedog

♬ original sound - Doing Things

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