One of the best things we appreciate most about dogs is their unswerving loyalty. They cry when their owner leaves for work, and on the contrary, happily run around when their human returns home. However, there are dogs whose loyalty is absolute.

Rassup the Border Collie

Source: pets.mail

A 14-year-old dog named Rassup, along with his owner Graham Nuttall from Wales, UK, loved to go hiking in the Burnley Mountains.

In January 1990, neighbors noticed that Graham and Russup had gone into the mountains and had not returned. They reported the man's disappearance to the police. For the next week, a rescue team combed the area looking for Nuttall and his dog ... but to no avail.

Eleven weeks later, another hiker, David Clark, found Nuttall's body near a mountain stream. The most surprising thing was that Russup was there, too. All this time the faithful dog stayed by his owner's frozen body.

For Rassup the death of his owner was a severe blow. The border collie did not live long without its owner and passed away shortly after the funeral of his human.

In 2009, local residents decided to commemorate the dog and installed Rassap's bronze statue at Garsdale Station, England.

The faithful dog Leão from Brazil

Source: pets.mail

In 2011, there was a massive flood near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The disaster took the lives of at least 600 residents. One of them was Cristina Cesario Maria Santana, who was killed with her family.

The only surviving family member was their dog Leão (Portuguese for "lion"). As rescuers searched the area for survivors, they came upon Leão, who was desperately trying to dig in the ground. As they got closer, rescuers discovered the bodies of Leão's family.

Even when the bodies were pulled out and buried, Leão wouldn't leave them. He would sit by the graves of his family for weeks until the Brazilian humane society ONG Estimacao tooked him in.

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Fido from Italy

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In 1941, brick factory worker Carlo Soriani of Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy, found an injured dog on the roadside. Carlo couldn't pass by and took the doggie in, named it Fido (which means "faithful" in Latin) and, together with his wife, gradually nursed the dog back to health.

Despite his difficult past, Fido quickly became attached to the man. Soon after his recovery, the dog would follow his owner everywhere. Even when Carlo went to work in the morning, Fido would always follow him to the bus station and wait there until his owner returned from work.

This continued for two years until one day there was a shooting at the factory where Soriani worked. Unfortunately, Soriani was killed, but his faithful dog Fido did not know about it. For the next 14 years of his life, the dog would come to the bus station every day hoping to see his beloved owner again.

A year before the dog's death, a monument in Fido's honor was erected in the town square. And when the dog died, his story became known to the whole country. The story of Fido's loyalty made it into all national newspapers.

Captain the German Shepherd

Source: pets.mail

In 2005, Miguel adopted a German Shepherd puppy and named him Captain. Unfortunately, they did not live together for a long time as Miguel passed away a year later. However, during this time the dog got very attached to the man. They formed a strong bond. And even Miguel's death could not ruin it.

When Miguel was gone, his family took the dog in, but soon after the funeral, Captain disappeared. For months, no one knew where the dog had gone, until an employee of the cemetery where Miguel was buried discovered the dog lying on the man's grave.

The family was stunned, because the distance between their house and the cemetery was significant, not to mention Captain's ability to find him. So for the next 12 years the dog lived in and around the cemetery.

The caretakers would bring Captain food and water. According to them, every evening at exactly 6 p.m. the dog would come to the man's grave and lie there all night long until his death in 2018.

Source: pets.mail

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