Billy is an adorable Cocker Spaniel. When his owner, Suzie Peissal, got pregnant, he quickly realized that something was growing inside her body. And while Suzie's baby bump was growing, Billy had already bonded with the little girl whose heart he could hear beating.

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Billy was constantly resting his head on his mom's baby bump

As Suzie told Metro, even before Lily was born, Billy "used to lie with his head on [her] tummy where her baby bump was". And when the little girl came into the world, the Cocker's instincts immediately dictated that he should be gentle with her. "It was as if he knew he had to be careful," Suzie confided.

Source: Metro

Similarly, now that she's a little older, Lily is very affectionate and gentle with her dog. She doesn't grab at him or tease him.

Billy was a great help when Lily was learning to walk

The Cocker Spaniel has always been by his little sister's side, helping her through important milestones including learning to walk. As Lily took her first steps, the Cocker Spaniel would walk slowly beside her, allowing her to lean on him. When she was off balance, she would hold on her dog. And if she fell, he made it easier for her to get up again.

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"Now she's a big walker, we go out almost every day and she loves it," said Suzie.

The pair enjoy playing and napping together

Lily and her Cocker Spaniel also spend a lot of time playing together. Billy brings her his Hot Dog toy, and the two of them have a lot of fun together. The little girl and her dog also enjoy moments of tenderness. "They sometimes nap together, but usually it's Billy who waits outside her bedroom while she is sleeping."

Source: Metro

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Finally, when they go for a walk, Lily has a mini leash with which she can hold Billy. Her mom holds the main leash, and the little girl holds the smaller version. Yet another way the dog helps Lily grow up and become responsible and independent.

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Source: Metro

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