Ben Landricombe was walking his dog on a N.J. beach when some strange movement caught his attention. The guy decided to take out his camera and started recording a video. Suddenly never-seen-before creatures, covered in shell and with many legs, appeared out of the water.


Ben's house is only 20 minutes from the beach, so he comes here often with his pet. That evening Ben played with his dog as usual. He would throw a ball and the dog would happily bring it back.

After another throw, the ball fell almost into the surf. The dog ran after it, but suddenly stopped: at that moment the unusual creatures appeared out of the water.

From the side, the creatures somewhat resembled turtles with a smooth shell and no visible head. Judging by a large number of legs the guy concluded that he met crustaceans.


Ben posted the video online and Internet users explained that he saw horseshoe crabs on the shore. These are real living fossils that have changed little over the past hundreds of millions of years:

It's possible to encounter horseshoe crabs on the beach only during mating season.

Source: YouTube screenshot


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