Clifford James Herbert's life did not work out. His illness left him without a job and then without a roof over his head. Doctors called his condition hopeless, and they said he had only a few weeks to live. He no longer waited for a miracle for himself, but dreamed of a miracle for his dog, his only friend. And the miracle came to him - in the form of a kind woman who fulfilled his last wish - to find the dog a loving home.

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Clifford James Herbert once worked on a farm and owned a small workshop. But in 2006 he lost both his business and his job as he became disabled due to complications from heart surgery and a tracheotomy. Soon he was homeless, and now dying of cancer: doctors announced he had a few weeks to live. He no longer thought about himself, but he was very worried about his dog. 

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Herbert asked Janine Shazer to find a new home for his faithful dog, where she would be loved and where she could live out her life. According to the dying man, he took the dog away from the man who had beaten her in front of him. "She's my whole life," Herbert said to Shazer. - She's my best friend. She protects me."

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Shazer appealed to the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform for help, urging them to help Herbert and his dog find a roof over their heads. People responded - Herbert was paid for a motel room, and Baby found new owners willing to take her in.

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Babie now has a loving home and a little girl as a girlfriend and play companion. 

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