A farmer from a small Swiss village decided to build a house on the site of an old barn that was almost ruined. However, the local authorities did not give permission to demolish it, because they considered the building to be valuable from a historical point of view. The situation had come to a dead end, but after a while the man came up with an idea. He decided to build his new house right inside the barn, and there was nothing the local officials could do about it.

The family of farmers had been using the barn to store their crops for more than a century. Over time, the laws changed, the farmer built a new barn, and the dilapidated structure remained unused for years. At some point, the man decided to tear it down and build a house, but the authorities did not give permission for demolition, arguing that the barn gave a historical view of the surrounding landscape.

As a result, the former barn had stood for years, until one day a farmer came up with an idea. Since he wasn't allowed to pull it down, he decided to build his home inside the old barn.

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After a long examination of the building, the architects made a plan and began to implement it. The authorities gave permission to build on condition that it would not affect the exterior of the barn, so another interior structure had to be built almost from scratch.

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Internal walls were added to the building, that became the outer walls of the house. There was enough space to make several floors and spacious rooms for living.

The interior never looks like a new building was built inside the former barn:

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The exterior of the building has remained unchanged. From the outside, even a close look does not reveal that a modern home has been built inside the barn. Officials had no choice but to give a certificate and appove the building.

The house itself became a real landmark in the region. Neighborhood residents learned about the unusual structure and now come to study the fruits of the farmer's clever way out of a dead-end situation.

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