In Planura, local residents noticed a parrot. Not indifferent to other people's distress, they caught the bird and brought it to the clinic. How did the parrot attract the volunteers' attention? His beak was almost completely absent. And for birds, as we know, the beak is almost the most important tool.

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Birds use it to eat, defend themselves, and even move around. It is unknown how the parrot damaged it, but it was obvious that he could not live without his beak. Faced with a parrot without a beak, specialists had to figure out how to save the bird.

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The director of the Rehabilitation Center - Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata, as well as Maria Angela Panelli Marcio - one of the best veterinary orthopedists, found a way to help the parrot.

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To make a prosthesis: the parrot was measured accurately, and the lower and upper jaws were made of a synthetic vinyl polymer - polymethylmethacrylate. As a result, the prosthesis fit perfectly. The beak turned out to be strong and functional.

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Now the parrot leads the life of a normal healthy bird. The staff of the center are also happy that they were able to save the parrot's life, because without its beak it was doomed to starve to death.

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