Unfortunately, the owner of this special cat passed away, and his relatives had to surrender the kitty to a shelter. At first, the cat didn't understand why he was alone in a strange place, and looked as if he was waiting for his owner to come...

Source: Animal Welfare Society

This special little cutie named Ben arrived at the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, Connecticut. Unfortunately, Ben's owner passed away, so the kitty ended up at a local shelter. The cat is cross-eyed, and because of the special features of his face he seems to be always sad. But that's not true at all.

Source: Animal Welfare Society

Despite his unique face expression and sad story, Ben is a happy, kind, and the sweetest cat. Once at the shelter, he was a little nervous and was waiting for his owner to come and get him back home. But when he got used to the new place, this handsome guy won everybody's heart. The shelter staff started looking for a forever home for the kitty almost immediately...

Source: Animal Welfare Society

But a year has passed and Ben is still patiently waiting for his owner. Every day when the doors of the shelter open, the kitty hopes that it is his owner who has come for him. After all, this little guy deserves nothing but the best. The shelter staff is also waiting to find the best home for special Ben. "Ben's ideal home would be quiet with someone patient and understanding," the staff say.

Source: Animal Welfare Society

According to the staff, Ben is not as affectionate as other cats, but he has his own unique personality. He won't cuddle and play when he doesn't want to, so future owners should respect his own boundaries just like of a human. May Ben find a loving family as soon as possible! Be happy, handsome boy!

Source: petpop.cc

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