This incredible story happened in a small town. A guy named Erin, who lives in the suburbs, was visited by a blind raccoon.

The raccoon would come every day between 6 and 9 a.m. and Erin would feed him breakfast. Then, the animal would come back again for lunch or dinner.

"His eyes were always bright green. He was blind and very afraid of tall grass, snow, wind, and birds," Erin recalls.

It probably would have remained a story about a blind raccoon and the guy who fed him to help the animal survive, but five years later, something happened that made this story known to the world.

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The raccoon came to Erin escorted by two black kittens. They followed him as if they were his bodyguards. Erin fed them, too.

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The kittens quickly figured out that Erin had food and started coming along with the raccoon every day. It seemed to be a mutually beneficial partnership – the kittens would help the raccoon get around and feel safe, and he would bring them to the good man providing them with meals.

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Erin managed to capture these wonderful friends on camera:

A few months later, the raccoon passed away. He lived almost six years being blind. And for a raccoon living in the wild, that's a very good number (on average, their life expectancy is about 3 years). And of course, part of the credit also goes to Erin, who fed the racoon all this time.

Not only did Erin miss this wonderful animal, but also his two feline buddies. The guy decided it was time to win their hearts and adopt them. And after a few weeks and a couple hundred scratches, Erin was able to earn their trust and love.

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After Losing Their Moms These Two Kittens Become Each Other's Whole World

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The kittens were about six months old, that meant that they had lived their entire lives together with the raccoon. Apparently, they thought the raccoon was their mom.

But now that they started to live indoors, Erin's other cat has taken them under her wing.

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Erin says the kittens have a very strong bond. They do everything together all the time.

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Such a wonderful ending to this fascinating story! Now the kittens are happy and loved. And most importantly, they have a home and family! Thank you, Erin, for your big and kind heart!

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