In 1941, a man was searching for gold in Alaska. Wandering along a river, he heard a noise in the woods. A moment later he was terrified to death to see a huge wild wolf looking right into his eyes. It turned out that the beast of prey was trapped and could not get out.

On approaching, the man realized that it was a mother wolf. Judging by her swollen nipples it was clear that she had recently given birth. Thus, somewhere there must have been hungry pups waiting for their mom. Then the gold miner decided that first he would find the babies, and then he would think what to do with their mother.


It was winter, everything was covered with snow, which only helped the man. He was able to track the wolf's footprints right to her den in the bushes. Of course, he hoped to find the pups healthy and unharmed. He rushed to their home and found healthy but hungry little pups.

Without hesitation, our hero put the pups into his bag and brought them to their mother. As soon as the female wolf smelled her babies and saw the man approaching, she started howling. The babies rushed to their mother and began greedily suckling milk.

The situation gradually worsened. The trap more and more injured the wolf's leg, making the wound deeper. As the wolf did not trust the man, she was growling at the miner, showing every sign of aggression. But the man knew he had to help the wolf family.

The man remembered that he had seen a dead deer on his way. He had to go back to that place and get some food. After a while, pieces of meat were offered to the animal. It was getting dark. A decision was made to spend the night right there. The man cut some twigs and built a shelter.

Our hero understood that to help the animal out of the trap, he had to gain her trust. Otherwise, he would not even be able to get close. Knowing that it was not an easy task, the man talked to the wolf, fed her, played with her pups, showing that he would do no harm.

The second day was coming to an end. The gold miner's strategy started to pay off. The she-wolf was already wagging her tail. On the third day he walked closer to the animal and started petting her. The wolf was calm. It was time to act.


Our hero put his hand on the trapped leg and pressed the trap with force. The trap opened. The captive quickly jumped out and limped away. She did not run away, but as she approached her rescuer, she lowered her head as if in gratitude. The pack was saved and it was time to leave. The man went further and further away, while the animals stared at him.

Four years passed. Once when the man was again in Alaska, the man decided to go to the place where he had last seen the rescued wolf family. Suddenly, he heard a wolf howl somewhere at the top of the hill. A dark silhouette was slowly approaching. It was a wolf. At first the miner was terrified, but then he recognized the she-wolf. She was glad to see him, wagged her tail, then turned around and howled loudly.


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Another surprise awaited the man. A group of wolves came out on a nearby peak, hearing a howl. Most likely they were her grown up kids. Waiting for a moment, the mother ran to her pack. It was the last meeting of the rescuer and the wolves. Every time the man heard the howling, he remembered this story with warmth. He will remember that day forever.

Such an amazing story proves that friendship between man and wild animals is possible.


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