In just a couple of years, Ariana and Scott DeFalco turned an old barn into a gorgeous guest house. The transformation of the barn into a warm and cozy cottage was done in their free time on weekends and holidays. Ariana and Scott wanted to preserve the rustic feel of the barn by accentuating the original wood plank floors and maintaining their worn-out look.

The renovated barn. Source: zen

Ariana and Scott's cottage is available to rent on Airbnb when they don't have guests!

Ariana and Scott DeFalco with their children. Source: zen

The total size of the former barn is only 430 sq. ft. The room is filled with vintage items that help create this gorgeous authentic look.

Family guests can enjoy a moment of privacy in the eclectically decorated living room and head up to the loft for a good night's sleep at the end of the day.

The living room. Source: zen

Scott ordered custom-made hickory countertops for the kitchen. The furniture is made of old mahogany fencing, which is also used as paneling around the dining area for "the integrity of the picture."

The kitchen. Source: zen

The original wooden floors were also preserved. Fresh eggs from cage-free chickens, handmade tea blends, and useful kitchen utensils add charm to the dining area.

French doors lead to the porch.

The French doors. Source: zen

The living room is decorated with a vintage Afghani rug in bright colors.

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A reclining armchair, found by Ariana on a street, is perfect for reading or watching birds through the window. The wicker table in the shape of an elephant was presented by a neighbor. A sturdy ladder leads to a loft with a large bed.

Source: zen

A closet built by Scott from recycled wood is the perfect storage solution for guests. An abundance of old wood makes Ariana and Scott's guesthouse a warm and peaceful place to relax.

The cosy loft. Source: zen

The couple didn't forget to update the bathroom either. The main challenge was to make sure that under no circumstances the attic would collapse onto the bathroom.

The renovated bathroom. Source: zen

What do you think of this old barn’s transformation? Would you like to stay in there?

The plan of the ground floor. Source: zen

Source: zen

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