Every child is born beautiful in his or her own way. It doesn't matter what color, creed, or race they are; it doesn't matter who their parents are or what they have accomplished in life. But some babies are born truly unique. For example, the twins of photographer Judith Nwokocha, a Canadian of Nigerian descent.

Judith's son Kamsi has dark skin, black hair and brown eyes, just like his mother. And his twin sister, Kachi, is albino.

Photo from the family archive. Source: insider.com

"I remember the first time I went in for an ultrasound and they said, 'You're having a baby,' and I said, 'No, I'm having twins,' which I had no doubt," Judith says. - The second ultrasound showed it was twins. I was told they could be born with Down syndrome."

"At seven weeks, Kachi was behind on everything, she was very small and not growing. I remember the doctors saying she might not survive - I'm so glad she did!"

Unusual phenomenon. Source: insider.com

"I was so glad she was born perfect! Both babies were healthy, they just scared me for nothing. Except for the fact that she's a different color, she looks just like me."

And indeed, apart from her sensitive skin and eyesight, Kachi is perfectly healthy. Of course, passersby on the street look at her with bewilderment, but Judith doesn't care.

Mother's pride. Source: insider.com

Nwokocha, who works as a photographer in Canada, takes plenty of photos of Kamsi and Kachi's adventures. "I wanted to show her how beautiful she is," Nwokocha said of Kachi, "so she would see the pictures and believe in herself."

Source: Enside Edition

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