A special girl from Illinois has gone viral due to her hilarious reaction when receiving a doll that looks just like her. 

Kimberly Mohlman was 11 weeks pregnant when doctors told her there was a 95 percent chance her baby would be born with Down syndrome.

The doctors' predictions came true, but Kimberly says that her daughter Olive has brought joy and happiness into her life. "We think and take care of her with the whole our family," Kimberly notes.

Olive and her mom Kimberly. Source: tt-creative.com

Olive has recently turned 2, so her mother decided to give her  a special gift – a doll that represents a girl with Down syndrome. According to Kimberly, the toy has the same facial features as the girl, even some elements of clothing.

The parents were unable to hold back their emotions when they gave Olive the toy. They recorded the girl's reaction on video and posted it on social media, where it quickly went viral.

In the clip, the girl does not yet know what is hidden in the gift box. When she sees the doll, she is very surprised. Looking at the face of the doll Olive lets out an "Oooooo," and then starts kissing and hugging the new toy. Kimberly says that the doll had become her daughter's favorite toy.

"It is safe to say that she loves the gift. Her surprise was hilarious, and when she started hugging the doll and patting it on the back, I cried with happiness," Kimberly recalls.

Watch the video of the girl's wholesome reaction to the doll:

Source: simya.24tv

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