As the saying goes, "a good deed is never lost." The idea is that an especially good, kind, or generous act is never done in vain. This was the case with an elderly woman who couldn't leave a tiny defenseless kitten on the street.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that such amazing stories happen in people's lives.

One day an elderly woman went early in the morning to a nearby supermarket for groceries. On returning home, she spotted a box left near the fence of her house. Thinking it was garbage, she came closer to take it to a garbage can. How amazed she was when she saw a tiny kitten inside!

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Evidently, the kitten was abandoned by his cruel owners who no longer wanted him in their home. They probably knew that the kind woman would not be able to pass by. So the retiree took the little kitty in and named her Luna. A year later, the cat saved her owner's life.

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That night the woman woke up to noise of Luna's running around the house and meowing loudly. The pet was doing everything possible to wake up her owner.

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The moment the woman woke up she saw the glow of the fire and heavy smoke coming from the kitchen. Their kitchen cupboard had already been on fire! The woman called 911, raised her husband, and together they extinguished the fire. Fortunately, they managed to put out the fire before the fire-fighters' arrival.

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Later the experts said that the fire was caused by a short circuit in a coffee machine cord.

The woman's kindness to the kitty returned tenfold. We should pay more attention to stray pets, because there are so many of them that can make us not only happy but even save our lives!

Source: pulse

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