This tortoiseshell cat didn't even hope for a miracle when she was lying heavily pregnant on the roadside. Since her due date was approaching, she was worried that her kittens would just freeze to death in such a bitter cold. Fortunately, a kindhearted man from Indiana was sent to her.

The man was driving along the highway when he saw the poor cat covered in snow on the roadside. It was a real miracle that he was able to spot her. When the man took the kitty in his arms, she happily purred as loudly as she could. The kitty must have been trying to thank her rescuer.

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The man couldn't keep the expectant mother, so he took her to the Catsnip Etc shelter. Volunteers examined the kitty and found numerous scrapes on her body and injured paws. The beauty later named Camilla was given some medical care and sent to a temporary home to give birth there.

Just a couple of days later, she welcomed four adorable kittens. They were all of different colors and incredibly cute. So the kitty was lucky to give birth to healthy offspring in warmth and care.

Source: Catsnip Etc

Camilla turned out to be a crazy mommy. During the first days she wouldn't leave her babies, keeping them warm and feeding them all the time. Since momma cat was extremely skinny, she gave little milk, so the owners had to bottle-feed the kittens.

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The kittens were given unusual names. Coco, Cora, Chanel, and Charles had an excellent appetite and were growing very fast. Their mother also put on some weight on a well-balanced diet.

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When the kittens got older and could already do without their mom, they all very quickly found loving families. However, Camilla stayed at the shelter for a long time. Sitting near the door she would watch sadly the cats being adopted. Despite the cat was very smart, affectionate, and playful, she stayed unnoticed.

Source: Catsnip Etc

However, one day Camilla was taken by a family who really liked her. People could not resist the sweet kitty's loud purr.

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So after almost 4 months, Camilla has become a pet. The fluffy kitty was twice as lucky, since she was adopted by kind-hearted and loving people.

Source: Catsnip Etc

We can only be happy for Camilla and wish her many happy years!

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