Twitter user "MissPotkin" decided to conduct a little experiment in her home. The woman decided to stop doing household chores in hopes of finding out how long it would take her family members to clean the house themselves. Ms. Potkin shared how the experiment went on her Twitter, and we invite you to learn more about this funny story, which, of course, would not have happened if not for stamina of this woman!

Author of the idea. Source:

Pretty soon it became clear that the experiment would not be so simple. Ms. Potkin also stopped doing laundry and piles of dirty laundry piled up everywhere.

Consequences of missed cleanings. Source:

It did not take long for the house to run out of home supplies. Even taking a shower became a real quest.

Family members did not throw garbage away. Source:

Her documentation of the events taking place in the house amused the network users who followed the experiment. It seems that only wifes know about some of the intricacies of keeping the house in order.

Uncleaned kitchen. Source:

To some, the woman's measures may have seemed too radical. But the result was achieved and, more importantly, the conclusions were drawn! Now Ms. Potkin's family will be more appreciative of her work, and we can be glad that we can learn this important lesson without having to learn it ourselves.

The final result of family cleaning. Source:


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